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ADM Creator

Create multiple registry ADM files to do group policy settings with this step by step utility. MSI Installer


Written in AutoIT, and provides a GUI interface for some common PowerShell commands that every domain administrators will find useful. Current Features PSRenamer Rename a Domain Computer without having to […]

ED Signature Generator

Signature Generator for Elite Dangerous Community members to create a bespoke signature, using PHP code to generate a .png file emailing the results directly to you so you can link […]


Hud Configurator allows you to change the heads up display colour of your ships display without having to manually edit the config files. It will also allow you to store […]

Radio Widget

Online radio widget to play most online radio stations


In Technical Support, to an end user, getting information like Computer Name, or IP address isn’t always as easy as we would like it to be, so to help users […]

Xcopy GUI

if in your job, like me you have to shunt lots of files around on regular basis and use xcopy to do this, then this may come in useful for […]


Monitus is a light weight, web based network monitoring system, that allows you to monitor servers, storage and online services, without complex setups or client installs. demo site Monitus Requirements […]