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Powershell Which Computer is a user logged in (with GUI)

A variation on the script to find which PC a user is logged into, but with a GUI, so that people who are uncomfortable using powershell, only need to run […]

Powershell Move disabled accounts to an OU location in the AD

to make things easier regarding house keeping in your AD, this little script will look for all disabled user accounts in a specified OU in the Active Directory, and Move […]

PowerShell Rename a Domain PC

Sometime you cannot get direct physical access to PC/Workstation and sometimes they are not rename correctly, so as long as the workstation is powered on and connected to the network […]

Powershell Shutdown PC’s with no one logged in

For efficiency power saving you maybe asked to shutdown workstations / pc’s with no one logged in your organisation, this Powershell script does exactly that from a generated file each […]

Powershell Disabled windows firewall (All Profiles)

instead of disabling profiles individually (public, private, network/domain) you can disable them all in one go with powershell. run powershell as an administrator and type the following cmdlet set-netfirewallprofile -profile […]

PowerShell (Last user logon)

Have you (as an IT Admin) been asked when the last time x user logged into the domain, well there no need to scratch your head anymore just use this […]

PowerShell (Email Stale PC’s (more than xx days))

There’s nothing worse than trawling through your Active Directory to find stale PC/Laptops that haven’t contact the domain for a given number of days, but powershell makes this easy and […]

PowerShell Installing .net 3.5 onto Server 2012/R2

The easiest way by far to install .net 3.5 onto Server 2012/R2 is to use powershell Pre-requisites Source files from the server ISO, either local or on a network share. […]

Powershell (Getting Started)

Powershell is a versatile, powerful script language that underpins all modern (win8,8.1,10 & Server 2012 & R2) operating systems, first things first, run PowerShell (or ISE as an administrator). Advantages […]


Written in AutoIT, and provides a GUI interface for some common PowerShell commands that every domain administrators will find useful. Current Features PSRenamer Rename a Domain Computer without having to […]