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Powershell Move disabled accounts to an OU location in the AD

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to make things easier regarding house keeping in your AD, this little script will look for all disabled user accounts in a specified OU in the Active Directory, and Move them into a holding area, which can be audited regularly.

Note: use a own risk, I’ve put a -whatif at the end of the cmdlet, remove it when your happy with your setting

$i = 0
$file = "c:\ulist.txt"
$adserver = (Get-ADDomain).PDCEmulator
$users = Search-ADAccount -AccountDisabled -UsersOnly -Credential domain\administrator -SearchBase "OU=Users,DC=Domain,DC=Local" | select SamAccountName | Out-File -FilePath $file -NoClobber

#remove whitesapce and blank lines
(gc $file) | ? {$_.trim() -ne "" } | set-content $file
$content = Get-Content($file)

foreach ($name in $content) {
$user = $name.Trim()
if ($user -eq "SamAccountName" -or $user -eq "--------------" -or $user -eq "" ) {
} Else {

#unlock this user this user.
$result = Get-ADUser -Identity $user | Move-ADObject -TargetPath "OU=Disabled Accounts,DC=Domain,DC=LOCAL" -whaif
write-host $user -BackgroundColor DarkRed -ForegroundColor Yellow
$i ++

#remove current user list.

if ($i -eq 0) {
write-host $i "Disabled Accounts Found" -BackgroundColor Green -ForegroundColor Yellow
} else {
write-host $i "Disabled Accounts Found" -BackgroundColor DarkRed -ForegroundColor Yellow

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