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Powershell Shutdown PC’s with no one logged in

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For efficiency power saving you maybe asked to shutdown workstations / pc’s with no one logged in your organisation, this Powershell script does exactly that from a generated file each time it’s ran.

Update: version 1.1 of the script creates a log file (date.log), with path checking to make sure the logs folder exists.

#Script Function: shutdown pc's with noone logged in.
#Written by Richard Easton and Steve Debski.

#set Active Directory Base search area.
$ousearchbase = "OU=Computers,DC=school,DC=local"

#Set domain admin credentials (get-credentials prompts of password input)
#$username / $Password sends them to the PS script, use this for scheduled tasks

#base paths
$basepath = "c:\shutdown"
$logpath = "$basepath\logs"
#$c = Get-Credential "domain\administrator"
$username = "domain\administrator"
$password = convertto-securestring "Your Password" -AsPlainText -Force
$cred = new-object -typename System.Management.Automation.PSCredential -argumentlist $username, $password

#location of files.
$file = "$basepath\clist.txt"

#test if the logs directory exists
if (test-path -path $logpath) {
} else {
new-item $logpath -type directory

#get date to generate log filename
$cd = get-date -format D
$log = "c:\shutdown\logs\$cd.log"
#create log filename
new-item $log -type file

#delete the file if it exists.
if (Test-Path -Path $file) {

#generate the list of PC from the AD.
$list = Get-ADComputer -Filter * -SearchBase $ousearchbase -properties Name | select name | sort name | Out-File -FilePath $file -NoClobber

#Remove any blank lines from the file.
(gc $file) | ? {$_.trim() -ne "" } | set-content $file
$content = Get-Content($file)

#get start time.
$st = get-date -DisplayHint Time
$start = "$ft Shutdown Task Started"

out-file -FilePath $log -append -Encoding string -InputObject $start -NoClobber

#read through the list for each pc name and run the stop-computer cmdlet (will shutdown any computer that doesn't have anyone logged in.
foreach ($name in $content -ne $null) {
if ($name.Trim() -eq "name") {
} elseif ($name.Trim() -eq "----" ) {
} Else {
#stop the $name of the computer.
$pc = $name.Trim()
Stop-Computer -ComputerName $pc -asjob -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue -Authentication Default -Credential $cred
write-host $pc
$ct = Get-Date -DisplayHint DateTime
$result = "$ct $pc Stop-Computer sent"
out-file -FilePath $log -Append -Encoding string -InputObject $result -NoClobber

#get finish time
$ft = get-date -DisplayHint Time
$finish = "$ft Shutdown Task completed"
out-file -FilePath $log -append -Encoding string -InputObject $finish -NoClobber

To setup a scheduled task, go onto your desired server, open task scheduler, crate new task, set the required details (i’m assuming you know how to create a scheduled task) in the trigger, select start a program, and type Powershell.exe, in the Add arguments (optional) enter the location of this script (on the local server e.g. c:\shutdown.ps1).

that task schedule will now run at the desired time and turn off an workstation without users logged on.