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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Powershell Disabled windows firewall (All Profiles)

instead of disabling profiles individually (public, private, network/domain) you can disable them all in one go with powershell. run powershell as an administrator and type the following cmdlet set-netfirewallprofile -profile […]

PowerShell (Last user logon)

Have you (as an IT Admin) been asked when the last time x user logged into the domain, well there no need to scratch your head anymore just use this […]

PowerShell (Email Stale PC’s (more than xx days))

There’s nothing worse than trawling through your Active Directory to find stale PC/Laptops that haven’t contact the domain for a given number of days, but powershell makes this easy and […]

PowerShell Installing .net 3.5 onto Server 2012/R2

The easiest way by far to install .net 3.5 onto Server 2012/R2 is to use powershell Pre-requisites Source files from the server ISO, either local or on a network share. […]